Miss Tess Music Studio



Miss Tess’ Music Studio is a place for music-making, serious study, and much creativity. Since 2003, Miss Tess has taught private piano, voice, composition, conducting, Latin, visual art, and music theory lessons from her studio in Seattle.


Lessons are open to all ages and all levels. Miss Tess carefully structures her sessions and assignments to the precise needs of the individual. Her areas of focus for weekly lessons are geared to the goals of each student. Miss Tess has worked with students ages 4 to 77.


Studying music is good for the brain and good for the heart. Being fluent in the language of music develops artistic independence, and Miss Tess’ students learn to read music well. Understanding how to listen is also a priority. Her students learn music, and they also learn the discipline of learning music. There are many variations to the word "fun" — easy fun, silly fun, but also challenging fun and intensely focused fun. Experiences in the studio help guide and support all that is involved with becoming proficient in a new ability. With time and dedication, students are able to become talented musicians and skilled learners.


Miss Tess is able to work with many types of thinking and perception. She has worked with shy kids, noisy kids, smart, eccentric, and extraordinary kids. She has had students with autism, Tourette’s syndrome, Asperger’s, and ADHD. She has worked with ESL students and students with unique learning styles. Miss Tess encourages students to bring out their brilliance. She knows that art and music transcend many boundaries.


Miss Tess’ Music Studio provides a safe and positive space for students to study music, make art, compose original works, and practice independent thinking.


Students talk about practice, performance, and how music translates into other parts of their lives.
“Erudio Semper” composed and performed by Jeremiah Oliver.



Parents and students share their experiences.

“Comptine No. 2 D’été: Près D’un Ruisseau” composed and performed by Jeremiah Oliver.