Miss Tess Music Studio


Reviews and Testimonials

“I am very happy to have found Miss Tess as a piano teacher! After many years of lessons as a child I decided to come back as an adult to recapture the skills I had lost. I have been pleasantly surprised by her style of teaching which has allowed me to experience the piano in a new way. She has a very organic approach, which is much different than my tedious piano lessons of the past. Miss Tess has also tailored the pace of her teaching to fit my schedule where we can progress steadily without intense pressure. She is by far the best teacher I have had and I would recommend her to all ages and skill levels!”

— Erinn, adult student

“When I arrive at Miss Tess’ Studio I feel happy because she is going to teach me something interesting and challenging at the same time.”

— Elke, age 9

“Miss Tess is a wonderful teacher! Not only has our 6 year old learned a great deal, but she also truly enjoys her weekly lessons. We feel very fortunate to have found such a warm teacher who has helped motivate our daughter to do her best.”

— Stacy, studio parent

“What a fantastic teacher! I come from a rock/pop background, and it's been amazing to have my butt handed to me week after week by a classical choir singer. I'm also really fascinated by music theory, so Tess has been really flexible with the content of our lessons, sometimes dedicating entire sessions to theory, ear training, rhythm, etc. What's most amazing is that all this choir-girl practice has helped my rock-star alter ego!”

 — Jill, adult student

“Miss Tess has a totally fancy house, she believes in fairies, she does fun stuff and she lets you draw pictures! She has lots of interesting books that you can look at after your lesson. She is a fantastic artist. She has 2 pianos...a tiny pink one and a large brown one. We hope you like her. She does lots of piano and a little bit of art. I enjoy her a lot, but she does have a thinking cap and has a work mode for you. I think she is a great teacher!”

— Alex, age 6

“I’ve been at Miss Tess’ studio since I was seven years old, and I am now a freshman in high school. During this time I’ve taken over 300 lessons from her, mostly in piano, but also including guitar, singing, and Latin. One of my favorite things about my lessons with Miss Tess is the way she works fun into the session. She is able to make even the most difficult music theory seem enjoyable. Her knowledge of music theory is immense and she is able to explain it in a way that I can understand easily. Through our years together we’ve gotten to know each other well. I’ve found the student/teacher relationship to be the very best part of taking lessons with Miss Tess. We’ve come a long way together and I’m looking forward to many more years!”

— Natalie, age 15

“Miss Tess possesses a rare combination of affectionate sweetness and a clear passion for creative discipline. Our daughter adores her and practices her lessons as much as anything to earn her continuing approval. Miss T is a magician!”

— Jock, studio parent

“I think that taking piano lessons with Tess is really fun and interesting. She not only has great piano teaching methods, but also teaches Latin. Tess teaches at her home in a room called the music studio. If you have certain songs in your book you can do student-teacher duets that are really pretty. Taking lessons with Tess is not only a way to learn to play piano, or learn Latin, but it is also a way to have a lot of fun. One of the methods of learning the piano that Tess uses is called “the stones.” If there is a part of a song that you just don’t get, then you play it over and every time you get it right you move a stone over to the finish side of the piano. Right now I am starting Latin and I will tell you Latin in the beginning involves a lot of memorization. But learning Latin will also help you get a head start in French, Spanish, Italian, German, and helps with English grammar and your vocabulary. I really like learning piano and Latin with Tess, and would recommend her to anyone looking for a great piano or Latin teacher.”

— Sophie, age 10

“I highly recommend Miss Tess. My 15-year-old daughter Natalie has taken more than 300 lessons from Miss Tess over the past seven years. Tess has been instrumental in developing Natalie’s musical talents as well as supporting her intellectual growth. As her interest in piano has ebbed and flowed, Natalie and Tess have also studied Latin, music theory, vocals and guitar together. Natalie has enjoyed performing in several recitals that Tess has organized. Overall, I’m very pleased with Miss Tess as a piano teacher and a mentor for our daughter.”

— Maurice, studio parent

“I enjoy taking Tess’ singing lessons for my English pronunciation mainly. I’m Japanese and also an English Language School student now. Singing a song, Tess always focus on lyrics, and makes original practice like tongue twisters. I’m impressed with her explanation. I love singing, and I want to improve my English speaking skill. I think singing lessons with her is great help for me.”

— Naoko, adult student

“I’ve been practicing with Miss Tess for about 4 years (135 lessons), and I enjoy it because it’s cool knowing you can play an instrument which a lot of other people wish they could. The studio is unique because it has a lot of decorations from different cultures from around the world. I am proud of my two recitals that I have done which Miss Tess organized for her students. My favorite pieces to perform were Harry Potter, James Bond, and my own original composition, Kola. Miss Tess is a good teacher because she does not talk to/treat her students like little toddlers.”

— Sam, age 10

“My name is Olivia, I am currently in the 6th grade, and I have been working with Miss Tess since Kindergarten. I started working with Miss Tess on voice lessons and then moved on to piano and I’m now studying Latin. Miss Tess has given me the opportunity to embrace new creative challenges in her fun and supportive studio. I love working with Tess because she encourages me to be myself and has helped me grow into a confident middle school student.”

— Olivia, age 11

“My name is Audrey, I am currently in the 4th grade, and I have been working with Miss Tess since I was 4 years old. I started working with Tess on piano and I continue to do so. Tess and I have also worked on creative art projects that made me express my interesting and funny thoughts and sayings. I am now working with Miss Tess on Latin and I really enjoy it. Miss Tess is great!”

— Audrey, age 9

“Our two daughters have been working with Miss Tess for the last six years and we appreciate Tess’s ability to relate to our girls on multiple levels. While providing a strong background in music theory, Miss Tess has also encouraged the girls to step out of their comfort zones and explore other creative and educational avenues such as Art and Latin. Miss Tess’s deep understanding of and ability to relate to young people across multiple disciplines is truly amazing. Tess has instilled in our girls a strong work ethic and the knowledge that hard work is fulfilling and rewarding. Tess’s subtle yet consistent instruction in self-worth and empowerment has provided a great foundation from which our girls can navigate the waters of life. Miss Tess is so much more than a piano teacher and we can’t thank her enough.”

— Todd and Claire, studio parents


“I have had the most fulfilling experience working with Tess! Music is very important to me, but my musical past has been a rocky road of confidence lost and now gained as a vocalist. Tess is a teacher who passionately navigates a path to any learning style. Because she loves music, it is easy for her to inspire. Singing is becoming less of a chore and more of a rewarding journey toward expression. Thank you Tess for your passion and discipline!”

— Catherine, adult student

“Tess has a magical ability to match a student’s creativity with the appropriate structure to develop a young persons piano technique and positive practice habits. Our daughter always looks forward to her weekly lesson and often expresses her excitement during the car ride to Tess’ studio. Tess channels that excitement into making music.”

— Doug, studio parent

“Miss Tess has constantly surprised me, not only with her passion for knowledge and teaching, but her sheer creative will to create an encouraging, challenging environment that responds to each student's needs, skills and capabilities. She is an intensely focused teacher, and the progress of her studio and students has always reflected this.”


— Jeremiah Oliver, composer & accompanist

Slideshow of piano, art, voice, and guitar by students of all ages.

“Moonlight Mood” by William Gillock, performed by Dr. Henry Doskey.

In memory of Smarty Pants, the next door kitty who loved small humans and their musical learnings.